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Friday, August 31, 2007

Adding to Shawn's Floyd Landis story

Shawn's previous message:

I read an article this week about Floyd Landis, the 2006 Tour de France winner. Since the Tour ended last year, Landis has been fighting doping accusations and defending his good name. With the media swarming over the doping scandals, I almost always forget about one of the most interesting parts of his story. He trained for and competed in that race with a dead hip joint. Shortly after his victory, he had his hip joint replaced. Imagine the determination required to do that. Regardless of the doping scandal, I will always respect Floyd Landis for his incredible determination and will to succeed despite incredible odds.

While I am not sure of his guilt or innocence, I agree with Shawn that Floyd Landis had tremendous determination. With his determination, he fought through one of the hardest obstacles athletes have to face, ADVERSITY. You all will at some point this season have to face adversity. You can choose to face it head on, or you can choose to run away from it. How you choose to face it is what defines your character. Let's make sure we make the right choice, both individually and as a team.


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